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About Us

K-Town Korean BBQ House is a contemporary yet authentic Korean restaurant based in Sydney’s lower north shore suburb of Neutral Bay. 


We bring to you our culinary experiences that have given us vision to open a restaurant which is family oriented with a casual dining experience. Our love for food revolves in the Korean way of bringing happiness through the food which is lovingly prepared with age old recipes and traditional methods.


Head Chef Sanghun Lee’s experiences through living, traveling and dining in Korea has equipped him with the skills and knowledge to bring you the best possible authentic Korean flavours, without compromising the essential part of what K-Town is about. To us it’s about communal eating, sharing a meal with friends and family at the table. 


There’s no wrong way in doing Korean BBQ, which is the reason we love it so much – every bite full you put together can be different, every wrap is your own creation.

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